Balsamiq Wireframe Feedback

So after creating a Balsamiq wire-frame prototype for the Pianist website I’m developing. I posted the wire-frame for my peers to review and I got back some valuable feedback.


The comments about the presentation of the musical score-sheets and the menu were quite thought provoking for my self.


What Edward said was true if I made a menu in that fashion it would have to scroll down with my someway. Though, if it did…it would interfere with other elements of the website. It would block or obstruct the video, album and to be honest any other section.


The menu would have to tuck away to the right just barley visible so that the user knew he could over it if they wanted to access it again. The other option is to have it as a traditional top menu that goes across the screen that scrolls down with you at the very top of the webpage.

Shazads comments about the frame around the musical score sheet PDF preview is a valid comment about the aesthetics however I feel it would interfere with the stylish, minimalistic brief the client set out.


I need to decide on a solution for the menu so that there is always a menu available on this website wherever the user is. As the website is designed as a Parallax Scrolling Website (one page website) it amplifies this issue because I can not have a static menu. It needs to move with the user and I’ve never done this for a custom website.

So I may need to search for a pre-designed module for a menu that has this ‘following your mouse scrolling’ behavior throughout the website.


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