Bootstrap Framework

For the core of the website I’ll be using a Bootstrap framework. I’m using it for the following reasons;-


  • To have a more responsive layout for Mobile Users
  • Quicker page load times because Bootstrap only compiles code thats needed
  • Provides a technical framework to build the website around
  • Works with all modern browsers and handles the differences of them behind the scenes
  • Comes included with the JQuery framework (for great JQuery plugins such as ).
  • Very well documented and intuitive to learn
  • It’s FREE and open source (so I can use it commercially)!


  • JQuery Plugins are limited but you can add extras to them


I’ve only used Bootstrap once before and that was when I worked at a design agency in my first year. So this will be a challenge re-learning to use this again and trying to understand this framework. I do feel though learning to handle Bootstrap will be half the battle in building a website without a Content Management System (CMS).

I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into this framework as it’s a powerful/useful tool to have in my tool-kit when I enter the web design industry after graduation.


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