Responsive Design Review

A huge consideration for this website is for mobile users which are now making up for more than half of all online users. A statistic you can’t ignore especially for web designers going forward. So I thought it best to make sure the website I develop is ‘Fully Responsive’.

I did this by using Bootstrap to design the core structure of my Stylesheets and Index page. I made it a Parallax Scrolling Website (one page) so it’s more mobile friendly as well.

Using and Screencastify (google chrome extension) I recorded an emulated version of my website on an iPhone 6 in the Safari browser. Below are the results;-

Though the website is not finished it looks quite similar to the actual desktop version.


I’m quite confident that this website will be fully responsive in it’s design on mobile devices. I have yet to test on the Android OS (Operating Sytem) though it works fine on the Apple iOS. It has some issues with the social media buttons at the bottom but there’s nothing a little trouble shooting on the bootstrap stylesheet couldn’t resolve.


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