End of Project Evaluation

Product Completed?

So the website was completed from an aesthetic stand point. Due to illness and underestimating the size of such of a project with these many ambitious features led to a skeletal product being produced.



If I had another two weeks I would have been able to complete the score-sheet section which needed a complicated javascript, gmail and paypal system integrated with the website. Which I’ve already explained here.

The spotify, itunes and Amazon accounts of the client would have been better integrated too. Having said that building a website like this from the ground up with a bootstrap framework,  JQuery plugins and HTMl5 was a great experience. It took me back to the days I designed websites before using Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress.

I’ve learnt how to use new prototyping tools such as Balsamiq. WYIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors such as Coffeecup that has it’s own live testing environment (which is so helpful for testing java scripts and designs).

Time Management


Due to illness I was forced to negotiate an NEC (Notifcation of Exceptional Circumstances application). This was due to sleep deprivation I was suffering and a recurring fever/flu. This altered my time-line for the project from originally 6 weeks to 8 weeks (due to extension) and then even then I was still unable to keep up due to fatigue and lack of energy in the evenings.

Instead of having two weeks to complete the website at the end like i had hoped it was left to be done in the final week. That’s why it’s not been completed to the standard required for it be able to signed off to give to the client as a finished product. I would never outside of University deem this website as completed in the web design industry.

The feedback loop was accurate however, I did manage to get feedback throughout the project as I planned.

All the research was completed two weeks after what is proposed in the above timeline Gantt chart which did have a knock on effect designing prototypes of the site before I even began work on the website.

Then using Bootstrap as a frame work for the first time with JQuery plugins was not something to leave till the last week. So if I had more time I’d allow a minimum more of two weeks, totalling to 3 weeks working on this website if I was learning those frameworks from scratch.

End of course

So with handing in my project on the 25th of May it’s an end of an era at the University. It’s been a journey of discovery of many different multimedia practices that I came into contact with such as photography, film, graphics and animation. I feel like a far more well rounded digital creative practitioner. I managed to choose a specialisation in the web design industry to being a User Experience (UX) designer. I’ve managed to expand my learning on the matter on each project for the past 3 years and including my time on this module.


I now have my own camera, know how to use it. I understand a bit better the minutia of film, photography with all the projects I’ve done. If I want to become a creative director in a digital design agency having a minutia of those specialisms allows me to give better direction over projects I’m overseeing. Things like the Richard III project where I developed the storyboard, script and worked with the graphics illustrator on my vision was very rewarding as an experience.

The audio only project that I worked on very early was a great experience as well. Working in a sound booth, recording audio, directing actresses on how to perform their script and writing the script was a very developmental experience. Using ONLY audio to tell a story was a challenging opportunity that I feel I can take with me after University.

Critical feedback from the work I produced either for presentations or assignments/projects really helped me become more aware of my presentation of ideas/work (a particular thank you to Danny Kaye and Julius Ayodeji for that).

I certainly feel far more well rounded as digital creative practitioner as a result and would love to thank all the lecturers, module leaders and to the course leader of course.

The Future

Well the immediate future is the Degree Show. Which end of year students at Nottingham Trent university show off a portfolio of their portfolio for potential employers. I’ve already submitted my material to be printed and displayed. I just now have to turn up with my business cards.

In line with the degree show and also my plans to seek employment in Nottingham as a web designer. I’ll need to produce another portfolio which encompasses all my best work and helps sell myself. I’ve already bought the domain months ago (hghazni.com). I was waiting for my health to improve and to be finished with university before I made that portfolio site. Based off on how this project went I might just use a bootstrap framework to create my portfolio site as well. This site turned out very mobile friendly and if I’m building a portfolio for the future where most users are mobile users now, it makes sense.



Finishing my freelance projects I’ve committed myself to do doing which are two health and beauty contracts for a website/logo (Iosis Beauty).


Another for product design for beard oil labels.

H&H Tyres Website

The second is a large international tyre wholesaler company that wants this website I’m designing for them completed (www.passmyielts.com/hnh). I am also being paid for design consultancy for two companies, one being an immigration law firm and the other the tyre wholesaler company. Those contracts run out in October and I’ll need be looking for full employment before then.

Lastly, employment as a web designer is what I’m looking to gain over the course of this summer. I’m looking to find a job within a Nottingham based design agency, preferably in the city center. So for that I need to make sure my portfolio is completed and ready for marketing myself. I’ll also need to update my Linkedin so that it’s up to date with my latest work, qualifications and skills.


I felt this particular project (negotiated client project) turned out very well aesthetically. As a learning experience I learnt about new design frameworks such as Boostrap, JQuery and HTML5  and new ways of prototyping (paper prototyping). I learnt about new HTML Editors (WYSIWYG editors) that are so beneficial for life after University in a major if when I continue to develop Bootstrap/HTML websites.

I learnt to expand my web design skill set from only making websites through a Content Management System (CMS).

Responsive mobile design was a big positive for me in this project, getting to grips with that through bootstrap. It is going be very, very valuable if statistics on what devices people are using the internet on more and more continues on it’s trend.

Feedback, usability testing and understand the power of analytics was another useful learning experience from this module.

Time/Project management for products like this I feel I’ve gained some new skills there. I really enjoy the Kanban board idea and found it very useful during this project. It helped me compartmentalise the work that needed to be done on the website component by component. In terms of time management however due to illness it was difficult to glean from much it aside from learning to not be ill for two months+.

Overall it was a great learning experience and I’ll continue to work on this website as I promised to the client. However once it’s done on this test server I’ll be moving it to www.martinjacoby.co.uk to be published. All the features mentioned above that were omitted will be now completed over the next month to the same professional standard that I would employ in my freelance work.


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