Final Product Feedback

Having finished my final product as much as I could in the time that I had I asked my peers to review the website. This was there feedback.


Overall people were very happy with the aesthetics and especially the particle effects. Though there were some issues mentioned regarding the menu which had temperamental tendencies to vanish and reappear sometimes. The size of the concert text and layout out around that had caused some issues to some of the peers who review the site.


During usability testing the menu issue had cropped up before and would have required extensive trouble-shooting and practice-based research to learn how to resolve it. If I had more time I would have liked to have resolved that issue which would have made me a stronger designer if that problem had reoccurred elsewhere. Which from what I’ve seen on websites, it does. So that might be one thing in the future to work on.

The concert section layout I agree could use some work. I’ve had people complain the buttons are not obvious that they can be clicked and I simply put that down to size. On mobile browsers, the concert text looks tiny in comparison to the rest of the text on the site.

As I am continuing to work on the site after this project is done, I will resolve these issues and it will be a great learning experience. It should make me far stronger Bootstrap, HTML5 and JQuery designer!


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